4E Fun in Fallcrest

Enter Kiris Dahn
Wolves are tough! Wererats are tougher!

Our heroes, the advance team for the recently-devastated 3rd Nerathi Legion, are charged with reconnoitering the goblin-held town of Kiris Dahn.

Step one: contact Treona, former ritualist of Kiris Dahn for intelligence on the town.

Wolves attack the party out side Treona’s tower, nearly drag off the mighty Crag.

Treona gives party map of town and warns that one of the fabled Slaying Stones may still be in existence.

The party infiltrates the town, makes their way to the library and after a bit of a scuffle, discover the former hiding place of the 9th Slaying Stone. Decide to next investigate the hot springs, a place from which goblins don’t return.

On the way, they are drawn into the desecrated temple of Sehanine and meet Kiris Hoyt, last Lord of Kiris Dahn.

The meeting is interrupted by a group of ratman-hunting goblins. Turns out Hoyt suffers from a curse of lycanthropy.

A fierce three-way running fight ensues, leaving Crag once again badly gnawed and possibly diseased.


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